Increase the capacity of oil palm farmers in North Labuhan batu and cocoa farmers in North Luwu in managing oil palm and cacao plantations by sustainability principles and encourage readiness to adopt sustainability certification.

Increase the access of oil palm and cocoa farmers to global markets through smallholders’ engagement in sustainable value chains and business partnerships, including agroforestry-based business models.

Encourage district governments to integrate science-based landscape approaches into regional development policies and plans, so that they are ready to adopt sustainable certification at the jurisdictional level.

Supporting the efforts of the Government of Indonesia in pursuing sustainable commodities and value chains by undertaking lessons learned and strategic policy recommendations from quality research results.

About Us

SFITAL program at a glance

SFITAL is a sustainable agricultural action research program in two countries: Indonesia and the Philippines. In Indonesia, SFITAL is committed to supporting farmers in implementing sustainable cacao and oil palm farming and increasing farmers’ access to global markets by encouraging partnerships between farmers, the public and private sectors.

Four Component
SFITAL Programme

Component 1:
Policies and Regulations, Environmental and social management systems

Supportive and operational policies and regulatory environments that will help the sustainable, inclusive and broad-scale transformation of smallholders through well-functioning national multi-stakeholder platforms.

Component 2:
Increased farmer participation

Technologies, businesses and innovative financing models that have a specific focus on the needs of small-scale producers, young people and female entrepreneurship that have been well designed and tested by the people who will use them.

Component 3:
Enhance sustainable commodity value chain

Road maps showing the way to increase scale and mainstream inclusive, sustainable and transparent small-scale producer commodity chains at subnational level.

Component 4:
Integrated and effective project knowledge and management

develop an integrated and effective knowledge and project management system that can help establish landscape-level monitoring and evaluation systems, leveraging technology and data. The system will be tested in the field.

Introducing our team

Senior Expert Landscape Governance and Investment
(Principal Investigator)

Senior Ecological Modeller
(SFITAL Indonesia Project Coordinator)

Environmental Economist
(Component Leader 1)

Agroforestry Extension Specialist
(Component Leader 2)

Green Growth Planning and Policy Specialist
(Component Leader 3)

Project Implementation, Partner and Donor